Whenever anyone tells you 97 percent of scientists agree on man-made global warming, first, question the study that came up with that figure (it’s highly flawed) and then check out any of hundreds of stories in the mainstream media that tell us what scientists are up to. Remember when the U.S. government chipped in $1.5 million so scientists could study shrimp running on a treadmill?

Now some scientists have noticed that the distribution of shells in one hermit crab population showed that shells were not distributed equally, making hermit crabs one of the first animals to experience wealth inequality.

The New York Times reports:

A study that will be published next month in the journal Physica A found that the distribution of these shells in one hermit crab population was surprisingly similar to the distribution of wealth in human societies.

That may make hermit crabs one of the first animals known to experience wealth inequality.

Dr. [Ivan] Chase thinks the resemblance between crab and human inequality might come from similarities between crab vacancy chains and the ways people pass on wealth. While smaller crabs don’t exactly inherit their wealth from bigger crabs, the largest shells are a scarce resource that only a few crabs are privileged enough to get their claws on.

And the point of this is?


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