As Twitchy reported earlier, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had the idea that Amazon had come crawling back after she’d helped dissuade the retail giant from building a new headquarters and distribution hub in Queens that was expected to employ 25,000 people. The big news was that Amazon was moving up to 1,500 — not 25,000— people from a couple of departments to a rental space in Manhattan. So, no new construction either, and not in her district. (People commute, though!)

Ocasio-Cortez thought she’d scored big with her tweet, and followed up with a shot of herself waiting for an apology from all her “haters.”

According to the Raw Story article Ocasio-Cortez linked to, Amazon “just caved.” Hint: They didn’t. If they had, they’d be building a new headquarters in Queens.

Team Mitch is a force to be dealt with, and Suzanne Youngblood Lane, digital director for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, decided to troll Ocasio-Cortez in a big way. Check this out:

That’s … perfect.

Looks like the queen of Twitter just got burned.

* * *


Here’s Benny Johnson adding his two cents: