A while back you might remember Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez bragging about having helped block Amazon from opening a new headquarters in New York. Since then Amazon has announced that the company would be opening an office in New York City, albeit one that is projected to create several thousand fewer jobs than the original project. AOC spiked the ball over that news, and believes she’s owed an apology:

Apparently the congresswoman didn’t think the apologies were coming in fast enough, so she decided to take on what she called GOP “disinformation” about Amazon’s previous plans to build a headquarters in AOC’s district vs. their new announcement to open an office in Manhattan:

Pradheep Shanker kicks things off with a thread AOC won’t like:

So AOC is either being disingenuous or doesn’t know what she’s talking about? No way!

Helping keep a company from expanding in your district and then claiming those wouldn’t have been real jobs anyway is a bold strategy.

And AOC’s fans will be applauding her the whole time.

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