Recall earlier this year when AOC was bragging about the fact she helped block Amazon from moving into one of the New York boroughs and bringing in tens of thousands of jobs? She was vastly proud of the fact she killed off jobs and prevented an economic boom in her district.

Well a new announcement has come forward that Amazon is coming into the area after all, and Alex From The Bronx is acting smug about it.

She sure sounds proud of herself here. She was equally giddy back in February when the company announced it was scrapping its plans to move into the area. So what happened here? Did AOC prevail and the company buckled and decided to move into the area anyway? Are there still going to be amazing employment windfalls for her region and development meaning both a boon for area businesses and citizens seeing an improve quality of life due to the infusion of all of the tax revenue?

Uh, in a word, no. In two words — HELL no.

What miss Cortez is so proud of here is a case of something else entirely. She is committing an act of lying by omission. Either that or she failed to even read the article she included in her tweet. Turns out what this Amazon announcement involves is a figment of the original proposal that AOC killed this year.

So, a couple of things jump out, just from that headline. The company is opening an office — where it initially wanted to relocate its headquarters, opening a sprawling campus and operate a strategic shipping hub. Now it has become just an office, for operations of a couple of strategic teams.

Secondly, the office is going to be in Manhattan? Not to quibble here, but that is NOT in AOC’s home district. This means that she is bragging about the fact that the amount of jobs her own people will be receiving totals up to Zero. And that office is going to be rented, so no new development and no commensurate jobs will be had from the relocation of executives.

The initial plan was for Amazon to bring in over 25,000 jobs to AOC’s district. New York City in total will be seeing 1,500 jobs arriving. That is roughly 6% of the proposed jobs that were to be created. And again, the net gain for AOC’s district amounts to nothing. At all. And for that, she is bragging?

Of course, one of the Young Turks thought this was an amazing result.

Yes, all hail Queen Alex! If it weren’t for her, the home district would be…in exactly the same position…of not benefitting from her chasing off tens of thousands of jobs.

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