The Washington Post’s Style section loves to write about Melania Trump. As we reported last Christmas, writers published at least four pieces about a hallway of red trees; this year the decorations were deemed lovely, but the first lady’s coat was “ridiculous.”

Now there’s a new book out by CNN’s Kate Bennett called “Free, Melania,” and the Washington Post had dedicated way too much thought to it. Is Melania Trump sending coded messages through her clothing?

From the Washington Post:

Is there symbolism in everything Melania Trump does, or not? Is Melania Trump playing five-dimensional chess against the rest of her checkers-playing family, or not? Will we ever know? Does it even matter? Does your pointed commentary about the administration’s immigration policy matter, if, to understand you’ve commented at all, the American public must intimately know the shopping habits of your grown stepdaughter?

Truly, which is the more unsettling interpretation of Melania Trump? That all of the odd stuff she’s done has been intentional, but she’s bizarrely choosing to communicate in fashion code, rather than to communicate using any one of the five human languages she speaks? Or that she has no plan at all — that she wakes up and throws on pussy bows and sloganed jackets, and nobody surrounding her thinks to say, Hmm? That the rest of the country is merrily rolling toward pandemonium, and meanwhile she’s again planning her holiday decorations six months in advance?

Wow, they really have a fetish about Christmas decorations at the Post.