Prof. Pamela Karlan is a hero to liberals today after her testimony before the House Judiciary Committee. They were thrilled with her unbiased, no-nonsense, straight-down-the-middle stance on President Trump’s impeachment … right.

As Twitchy noted, Rep. Matt Gaetz had the opportunity to ask the four law professors if any one of them had “any personal knowledge of a single material fact in the Schiff report,” and of course, none of the “witnesses” raised their hand.

As CNN saw it, Republican Congressman Gaetz was attempting to paint Karlan as a liberal elite with his questioning. You could almost say he pounced on her testimony.

CNN reports:

In his questioning, Gaetz attempted to paint Karlan as a liberal elite biased against conservatives.

Gaetz first noted that Karlan had previously given money to Democrats, including $1,200 to Barack Obama, $2,000 to Hillary Clinton and $1,000 to Elizabeth Warren. Karlan did not dispute these figures, but later noted that she has a constitutional right protected by the First Amendment to give money to candidates.

Gaetz then pressed Karlan over her appearance at an event affiliated with a podcast called Versus Trump, during which she said that conservatives generally spread out, geographically, “perhaps because they don’t even want to be around themselves,” Gaetz noted.

It’s a good thing Gaetz failed in his attempt, or else people might have thought that the Stanford law professor really was a liberal elite with contempt for conservatives.

Wow, after watching this clip, we’re beginning to wonder if Karlan really is biased against conservatives:


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