Politico Magazine has a pretty extensive piece Tuesday headlined, “Waiting for Obama,” and it goes into great detail how former President Barack Obama has remained silent about the 2020 race (except for the news that Obama privately said he would “speak up to stop him” if Bernie Sanders were running away with the nomination).

The piece goes into detail about Team Biden wondering why Obama won’t say anything to help bail out his former vice president, especially about the Ukraine albatross around Biden’s neck.

Ryan Lizza writes:

One person who is very close to both Obama and Biden said the only time the Biden campaign has been disappointed in Obama is over Trump’s Ukraine scandal. “I don’t think anybody in the Biden world challenges Obama’s affection for Biden, or challenges his strategy of not weighing in for anybody,” this person said. ”I do think there’s frustration when Joe Biden and Hunter Biden get attacked by Republicans on the Ukrainian thing and they say, ’Obama and his administration looked the other way back when this was happening,’ and Obama doesn’t say anything. The Biden people ask, ‘Why won’t Obama say something?’”

Hmm … for what possible reason would Obama want to steer clear of the whole Ukraine mess?

Obama has a good thing going on right now; why risk tarnishing the image the media help build up for eight years?


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