As Twitchy reported, a DNA test has revealed that Hunter Biden is indeed the father of a baby born to an Arkansas woman he denied sleeping with while dating his brother’s widow. The news was revealed by the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

But look closely at the tweet. Do you see it?

GQ correspondent Julia Ioffe certainly took notice. Look at that Russian symbol after “Wednesday” — the one that looks like an arrow pointing to the link.

To her credit, she deleted her original tweets but took screenshots. “Note the Russian quotation mark” she highlighted, and then asked how to recreate that symbol on a QWERTY keyboard without spending more than three seconds. (We managed to do it: Option + Shift + \ gives you ».)

Anyway, back to the story »»»

Again, kudos for owning up, but come on.

* * *


And here’s the deputy online editor of @arkansasonline: