You can tell that Rep. Elise Stefanik hit a nerve during the impeachment hearings Friday, as George Conway and a bunch of follows are posting their donations to her opponent’s campaign and celebrating already that she won’t be reelected. Don’t be too sure though; they tried to shut her down Friday, but she persisted.

You know they’re desperate when they’re passing around a Photoshop of Stefanik giving the finger as former ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch was receiving a standing ovation from the Democrats.

Brian J. O’Malley deleted his “childish loser” post while we were writing this post, but here’s a screenshot:

No, she didn’t “pose” for that photo and a quick scan of the video from which the still was captured proves it’s faked.

Isn’t Twitter supposed to be doing something about fake news, or was that just Facebook? Can we get a fact-check on this ASAP?

So they’re going after Stefanik because of her pout and because she gave Yovanovitch the finger (which she didn’t do). They’ve got as much on her as they do President Trump.

* * *


It looks like George Conway too just couldn’t retweet that fake image fast enough: