If you’ve been on Twitter in the past month, you know that “OK boomer” is the new boilerplate reply to anyone criticizing new and exciting ideas like American socialism or the Green New Deal. One man went so far as to claim that “boomer” was the n-word of ageism.

Now an AARP executive is hitting back at the “OK boomer” crowd by acknowledging that boomers “actually have the money.” That’s gotta sting.

Newsweek reports:

In a recent interview about her organization’s media presence, a senior executive of AARP — the American Association of Retired Persons — took a jab at the viral “OK, boomer” meme by making fun of the relative destitution of younger Americans.

The executive, Myrna Blyth, made the comment during an interview with Axios

“OK, millennials,” Blyth reportedly said in the interview. “But we’re the people that actually have the money.”

Blyth’s not kidding; she says AARP generates $7.1 trillion in annual economic activity every year.

A lot of butthurt millennials are saying that Blyth just proved their point; the boomers are hoarding all the money while millennials are having to, like, pay back their student loans.

Agreed. Meanwhile …