Longtime Twitchy readers know that we usually don’t shine much of a spotlight on random tweeters, but when the need arises, we’ll make exceptions. We’re givers that way.

In case you’ve missed it, “OK, boomer” has really come into its own lately as an easy way for young whippersnappers to dismiss Baby Boomers. And some Boomers are actually really offended by it, which kind of reinforces the whippersnappers’ point in the first place. Well, anyway, we’re not sure if tweeter Bob Lonsberry is a Boomer or just someone who gets offended on Boomers’ behalf, but he’s pretty upset about this meme entering the modern lexicon:

Is Bob serious? Well, this ratio sure as hell is:

Let’s have a look at some of the delightful folks who have graciously contributed to that boomerific ratio, shall we?

You really stepped in it, Bob.