At first, we were told there was no such thing as the “deep state.” But in October, an opinion piece published in the New York Times alerted us that “the deep state is alive and well, composed of patriotic public servants.”

Sitting next to John Brennan, former CIA director John McLaughlin said in October, “Thank God for the deep state.”

So we can all agree now that the deep state is a real thing, and the only question is where its loyalties lie. Arthur Kimes has a great thread on the deep state that quotes heavily from Mackubin Owens’ piece at American Greatness:

Article II gives the president sweeping powers to conduct foreign affairs and negotiate with leaders of other nations. It does not grant any such power to unelected bureaucrats to act in ways that demonstrate they approve or disapprove of foreign policy — even when they are “deeply troubled” by it.

We’re deeply troubled that unelected bureaucrats are trying to steer foreign policy because they’re “deeply troubled.”

Good question.