Neera Tanden, president of the Center for American Progress, thinks that people who tweet out the name of the whistleblower should be ashamed of themselves — but didn’t Sen. Chuck Schumer just say yesterday that no one knows who the whistleblower is? Besides, most people in her mentions think anyone who tweets the whistleblower’s name should be jailed for committing a felony.

We’re not sure if Tanden was thinking of anyone in particular, although journalist Yashar Ali is in big trouble for a now-deleted tweet in which he disclosed the alleged whistleblower’s last name — and that tweet was about Donald Trump Jr. sharing a Breitbart article naming the whistleblower.


OK, so Trump Jr. should be ashamed, as should Ali. But maybe there’s some room for Tanden to be ashamed too.

Boy, the jails are going to fill up quickly if this guy really does turn out to be the whistleblower.

This is pretty clever:

We hope all of the above are suitable ashamed of themselves.