Earlier today, Twitchy published a thread by RedState senior editor Joe Cunningham slamming the mainstream media for journalistic malpractice regarding Jen Van Laar’s explosive Katie Hill scoop. He was particularly upset that other outlets were picking up the story without even linking back to RedState, which researched and broke the story.

The Daily Mail picked up on the Hill story Thursday, posting photos that RedState decided not to publish or blurred out. We’re not sure if HuffPost editor Elise Foley linked to the Daily Mail story in a follow-up tweet because the tweet has been deleted, but it certainly looks like the case, as her newer tweets suggest:

What was the link issue? Apparently Twitter turned some of her text into a link to the Daily Mail, for which she was chided by other blue-check journalists.

Here’s Reuters’ Amanda Becker and HuffPost’s Jennifer Bendery:

Has Reuters even given any coverage to the Katie Hill story? A quick search of Twitter suggests not. And we’re not expecting any.