As Twitchy reported Tuesday, a Texas jury has ruled against a father who’s trying to keep his 7-year-old son, James Younger, from being chemically castrated and transitioned into a girl named “Luna” by the boy’s non-biological mother.

Today we have what we think is video of James Younger and his father. The boy definitely recognizes the man in the video as his father, and it was posted by Alex Bruesewitz, who works for a conservative PR firm, so dad might have retained him — we’re just guessing, though.

We’d like to believe the video’s fake and you probably will too after you watch it. Note that Younger is now 7 but the video was shot when he was 3, according to Bruesewitz, so that explains why he appears so young.

Good question.

The video’s pretty damning, though. Isn’t it? Here’s mom, a pediatrician:

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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says both the attorney general’s office and family and protective services are looking into the matter: