We were just going to leave Beto O’Rourke’s contribution to #NationalPeriodDay as a footnote to our post on Julián Castro and his concern about people having to choose between work and tampons, but O’Rourke’s tweet has caught on with so many people that it’s earned his own post. While Castro is concerned with the oppressive sales tax on feminine hygiene products, O’Rourke is worried that women in prison don’t have access to the products they need, which is why he’s proposing the Menstrual Equity Act.

Men need to join women in demanding menstrual products for women in prisons? Would you look at this Neanderthal?

Again, this is not a new crisis according to the Democrats; President Obama was quizzed on it, expressed his concern, and proceeded to do nothing about it. But O’Rourke has a plan for that: the Menstrual Equity Act.

Hell yes he’s coming to your prison cell to give you tampons.

And seriously, Beto, get to work on those problematic pronouns unless you want to keep polling below 1 percent.