As Twitchy reported, Florida state senators next week will take up the question of whether suspended Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel should be returned to his post, and a group of Parkland families held a press conference to tell the Senate no. It took the election of Gov. Ron DeSantis to finally pry Israel out of his office, but the Senate has the power to put him back.

Hunter Pollack, who lost his sister Meadow in the Parkland mass shooting, was written an op-ed which was published in the Sun Sentinel Thursday.

Yeah, CNN sure didn’t waste any time handing him a microphone to blame the NRA for the shooting.

Pollack writes:

Meadow’s murder inspired me to seek justice and accountability; you can’t have one without the other. I quickly found out everything that Israel did wrong.

He didn’t require his school resource officers and deputies to go through active shooting training. The official training procedures should have required that deputies go inside the building under assault. Instead, they were given an option to pursue.

He lied to then Gov. Rick Scott, saying that only one deputy stood outside when, in fact, eight deputies waited while the gunman continued his rampage. Capt. Jan Jordan, a crony of Israel, proved tragically ineffective as the commander from the Broward Sheriff’s Office for Parkland. She had ordered deputies to set up a perimeter, rather than storm the school and neutralize the shooter.

Meadow’s murderer was not unknown to law enforcement, the Broward Sheriff’s Office had intervened with him 40 times and nothing came of it until his rampage. That wasn’t the fault of the NRA. That was the fault of leadership at the BSO.

We’re still waiting for CNN to hold a follow-up to its rushed show trial now that we know a lot more about how that shooting was handled.

Where are all the Democratic candidates praising the March for Our Lives kids on this issue?