Beto O’Rourke is such a compelling and charismatic figure, when he appeared in Vanity Fair complete with an extensive Annie Leibovitz glamor shoot, most people were asking — why is his dog so sad? It wasn’t long before his dog launched her own Twitter account:

We’d thought that was the saddest dog we’d seen outside of a commercial for an animal rescue shelter, but then someone posted a photo of their dog along with the hashtag #ExtinctionRebellion — the folks who’ve been spraying fake blood everywhere, climbing on top of airplanes, and gluing themselves to the street.

We’re pretty sure the dog didn’t dictate its message itself: “If I can be a vegan, you can too!”

Update: We thought this tweet might disappear, so here’s a screenshot:

It’s a cute dog, but it’s actually an adult labrador retriever whose growth has been severely stunted by its vegan diet.

That’s quite a ratio — but probably not enough to get this “political activist” of a dog some meat to eat.

* * *