As Twitchy reported, family members going through the belongings of recently deceased South Bend abortionist Ulrich Klopfer made a horrifying discovery: Klopfer had kept the fetal remains of 2,246 babies, medically preserved, in his home.

It gets worse, though. On Wednesday, the Will County Sheriff’s Office released a statement saying that authorities had discovered “five plastic bags and one box that contained numerous medically preserved fetal remains” in the trunk of Klopfer’s Mercedes Benz.

The Christian Post reports:

Additional aborted babies’ remains were found Wednesday at a property rented by the late abortionist Ulrich Klopfer. The Will County Sheriff’s Office didn’t release the exact number of bodies recovered but said they believe there are “less than 100.”

“The remains recovered were preserved, packaged, and marked similarly to the previous [2,246] fetal remains discovered at the Klopfer residence on Sept. 12. All of the items and information observed by detectives and crime scene investigators today, coincide with the previously known information that the fetal remains were from the time period of 2000-2002 when Dr. Klopfer was performing abortions in the state of Indiana,” the statement added.

In 2016, then-Gov. Mike Pence signed into law legislation requiring that the remains of aborted babies be buried or cremated.

Klopfer is estimated to have performed around 30,000 abortions during his 43 years in practice.

Unreal. This guy’s the next Kermit Gosnell and you won’t hear a peep about this anywhere else.