This tweet is pretty close to clickbait, really; writer Scott Feinberg actually talked to quite a few members of the Motion Picture Academy, and a lot of them praised “Joker” — the film that CNN really seemed to think (hope?) would result in a mass shooting but instead resulted in two men being arrested for smoking. However, the pull quote is from one Academy member who said, anonymously:

“I think the performance is outstanding, but overall the film is highly questionable morally. As a former exhibitor, I would have serious doubts about playing the film because of the message it sends. I don’t think the Academy should honor a film with such controversial elements. I found the film overall to be so unpleasant that I could not vote for it.”

Actually, that was a great quote to pull for the tweet, because it got a lot of people talking:

Um, irresponsible? Controversial?

CNN has been relentless about this movie for some reason.