The national nightmare that is “Joker” continues to make the news. As Twitchy reported earlier, CNN was quite concerned that the film contains two minutes of Gary Glitter’s “Rock and Roll Part 2,” which is also played at every sporting event held in the United States. And now we’re learning that two men were arrested at a screening in Chicago for smoking and causing a disturbance. reports:

As reported by the Chicago Tribune, two men were arrested at the AMC River East in Chicago on Sunday night. The suspects were taken into custody after someone called police to report an incident at a late-night screening of Joker. Witnesses said the men were smoking and causing a “loud disturbance” during the film.

In fact, Fox News 32 was told by witnesses that the men became causing a ruckus an hour and a half into the film. The pair were said to have been disruptive for most of the movie, but their antics escalated after they allegedly began “blowing smoke in people’s faces.”

The responding officers arrested the two men without incident and charges are pending on the case.

Your metal detectors are useless against cigarettes.


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