As Twitchy reported this morning, the Washington Examiner’s Byron York noticed a disturbing trend in the way Democrats were scheduling impeachment hearing interviews: they were being held in sensitive compartmented information facilities, or SCIFs, built to be impervious to electronic surveillance. That doesn’t sound very transparent.

And now we’re hearing from The Hill that should the whistleblower come forward to testify, Democrats are considering holding his or her testimony in a remote location and possibly altering his or her voice so that Republicans can’t leak the whistleblower’s identity. Again, not very transparent.

The Hill reports:

House Democrats are looking to prevent the whistleblower from being identified by holding the person’s testimony at a remote location and potentially changing their appearance and voice.

Democrats are going to great lengths to hide the whistleblower’s identity out of fear the Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee could leak their identity, according to The Washington Post, which cited three people familiar with the discussions.

Democrats are considering holding testimony outside the Capitol as well as a staff-only session that would bar lawmakers from questioning the whistleblower, according to the Post.

This is getting (even more) ridiculous.


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