As Twitchy reported, CBS News has put together an “impeachment tracker” listing all of the House and Senate members who support President Trump’s impeachment. As we reported, there was only one Republican congressman — Rep. Mark Amodei of Nevada — on record as supporting the impeachment inquiry.

Erick Erickson, however, says he’s seeing Republicans who are just tired of fighting and are wondering if President Trump will just step aside and make room for a President Pence.

This is one of those instances where we wonder if he overheard this in a hipster coffee shop a la Jacob Wohl. He says they’re absolutely in the minority, but if there are Republicans who want Trump to step aside just because they’re “tired of always fighting,” well, good riddance — because that’s not going away under President Pence. They’re dreaming of him being impeached too and Speaker Nancy Pelosi becoming president before the 2020 elections.

Like we said above, we’re already encountering Democrats online who are fantasizing about President Nancy Pelosi over all of this, so no.


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