We’re looking forward to CNN’s countdown clock to President Trump’s impeachment trial, but until then, CBS News has offered up what it calls its “impeachment tracker,” which lists all of the House members who either support impeachment or are open to the idea.

The best part is that for its feature image, CBS News used a shot from Rep. Al Green’s massive (10 people?) impeachment press conference in May, at which he presented a petition from MoveOn claiming to have 10 million signatures. It’s funny — MoveOn was founded to encourage Congress to “move on” and forget about impeaching President Bill Clinton, and now it supports Trump’s impeachment.

We confess we don’t even know what Green was filing impeachment proceedings for that day. Could have been anything.

According to CBS News’ impeachment tracker, one House Republican — Rep. Mark Amodei of Nevada — supports impeachment proceedings. And then, of course, there’s the now Independent Rep. Justin Amash.