She might still be awarded the Nobel Prize but for now, teen climate alarmist Greta Thunberg will have to settle for what they’re calling the “alternative Nobel Prize” — the 2019 Right Livelihood Award.

It might seem like a participation trophy, but it does come with a cash award of $1 million Swedish crowns, or about $100,000.

Hey, stop “attacking” her. Of course, she’s angry — she’s in the middle of a mass-extinction event that her parents’ generation caused.

When she was planning her trip to the U.S., Thunberg made it clear that she would not “waste time” in meeting with President Trump, and she even told the U.N. that they shouldn’t be listening to her anyway, but to scientists … which of course drew her to famous U.S. scientist Michael Moore.

Wow, that’s, like, exactly what she told the U.N., verbatim.

So the combined message of Moore and Thunberg is rise up, right now, and do something — or don’t, because it’s too late anyway and we’re all doomed. Funny how none of these activists get that “rising up” isn’t “doing something” — like blocking traffic in D.C. and causing traffic jams.

It is nice to see a photo of her smiling, though. Wonder what got the impending climate apocalypse off her mind for a second…