Brandon Morse, an editor over at Twitchy sister-site RedState, has a great question, and it’s one we’d really like to hear a definitive answer to. We know that there have been calls for the impeachment of President Trump since before he was inaugurated, and the reasons have covered quite the spectrum.

Take, for example, impeachment-happy Rep. Al Green. In Sept. 2017, he wanted Trump impeached for saying he wished NFL owners would fire players who took a knee during the anthem. That November, he wanted Trump impeached for retweeting “anti-Muslim” videos from Britain First. And then, of course, there was the matter of the Trump campaign colluding with Russia, which the Mueller report concluded never happened, so that suddenly became obstruction of justice.

Now it seems the House Democrats want to impeach Trump for pressuring Ukraine into investigating the deal with Joe Biden’s son, Hunter.

Brandon Morse wants to know — and so do we — what exactly are we impeaching him for again?

Maybe we’ll find out for sure this afternoon, once Speaker Nancy Pelosi puts together a special committee to handle the impeachment inquiry to find out what Trump promised Ukraine in the phone call whose transcript will be released unredacted Wednesday.