Earther, the environmental offshoot of Gizmodo, is calling this a “potentially world-changing climate complaint,” but to be honest, we’ve already seen “kids” grow into young adults while suing the government over climate change and it hasn’t done much.

This was back in 2017, and it doesn’t mention that the kids’ lawsuit initially targeted President Obama.

Now, following her disturbing appearance at the United Nations Monday, Thunberg and 15 other kids filed a complaint against five of the world’s major carbon polluters. If successful, “the United Nations would classify the climate crisis as a children’s rights crisis.”

Funny … the five countries named in the complaint — Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany, and Turkey — don’t include China or India. Weird.

Gizmodo reports:

The suit, filed on behalf of the youth by the international law firm Hausfeld, contends that world governments are violating children’s rights under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. The convention drafted in 1989 is the most-signed human rights treaty ever crafted and lays out the inalienable rights of children. They include among others, the right to life, health, and peace, all with special stipulations for indigenous groups.

Also, it would appear that Thunberg has a protogé from Poland:

In an exclusive sitdown with Earther, Villaseñor explained why she’s suing five of the world’s biggest carbon polluters, what brought her to activism, and her message to the rest of her generation:

“We want you to go out and take action for your rights, too,” she told Earther.

So, uh, go get it, teens.

Yep. You’ll even notice that the #ShutDownDC protesters blocking intersections Monday said they aimed to “disrupt the systems that created and perpetuate the climate crisis”; i.e., capitalism.

And yeah, Thunberg just borrowed that “Antifascist All-Stars” T-shirt … the same one her mother and father were photographed wearing.