The last time we’d checked on Scott Presler, who goes by the handle #ThePersistance, he and a crew of volunteers were picking up seven tons of trash in Baltimore during their second trip to the city. Presler said he promised an 81-year-old named Louise that he’d be back to West Baltimore, and he and his team of volunteers came through, despite the effort being savaged by The Baltimore Sun, questioning his motives after President Trump had called Rep. Elijah Cummings’ district rodent- and rat-infested.

Presler tweeted that Los Angeles would be next on the list, and he wasn’t lying.

But better to leave it that way than to let a Trump supporter clean it up, right Baltimore Sun?

California’s elected leadership is (or was) running for president halfway across the country, while one L.A. City Council member was fretting over the Trump administration’s plans to move L.A.’s homeless into new government-backed facilities … you know, concentration camps. “What inhumane treatment will he sanction for the unhoused?” asked Mike Bonin, adding that the whole thing was “chilling.”

Meanwhile, Presler and crew just keep working, cleaning up literally tons of trash each time they visit a city.

The thing is, President Trump knows that, but local municipal governments will fight whatever federal plans he unveils.

Speaking of “chilling,” never forget Gov. Gavin Newsom’s warning to America to “look out west” to see what Democrats will do when they’re back in power. He didn’t mean it as a warning, but that’s certainly how we took it.

* * *