As Twitchy reported early this week, flailing Democratic presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar thought she’d try to get some mileage out of that New York Times hit piece on Justice Brett Kavanaugh by posting a photo of what real courage looks like, and the backlash was savage.

Plenty of people posted photos of firefighters, soldiers, 9/11 responders, Border Patrol agents, but we’re sorry we missed this response at the time by Daily Caller associate editor Virginia Kruta:

The response was certainly divided, but Kruta received a lot of support for highlighting Kavanaugh’s wife. We’re going to skip all the nasty ones and get right to actress Kristy Swanson.

Kavanaugh impeachment fever might have peaked and passed this week because now we’re onto the whistleblower story that’s certain to take down Trump. Who knows what courageous thing Ford is up to.