The irony that Hillary Clinton refuses to accept the results of an election is so thick you couldn’t cut it with a knife, and as Twitchy reported earlier, Clinton has apparently been talking with some of the 2020 Democratic candidates, ending each conversation with a warning about voter suppression efforts, shades of Stacey Abrams.

The Hill has posted video of Clinton speaking at George Washington University Tuesday and accusing Republicans of doing whatever they can to keep racial minorities away from the polls.

She does realize that when you die, you don’t get to vote anymore. Or maybe she doesn’t … she’s a Democrat.

Yes, 12 million people showed up to vote and were told they could only submit a provisional ballot … because no one ever dies or moves.

And yet the non-president of the United States hangs out with the non-governor of Georgia to commiserate over how voter suppression cost them their rightful offices.