As Twitchy reported, long-shot presidential candidate and sucky drummer Beto O’Rourke announced Thursday morning on Twitter that he wants to pressure credit card companies and banks to “cut off the sales of weapons of war today.”

Of course, forcing people to pay cash for firearms is really going to cut into the black market where criminals purchase their weapons, while law-abiding citizens with good credit will be turned down at the sales counter.

Are gun dealers just supposed to learn to code after their gun shops have all been forced out of business, either by their product or credit cards being banned?

Gabriella Hoffman wrote a great piece at The Resurgent tearing apart O’Rourke’s idiotic idea and got some backup from Dana Loesch as well:

Not only are national Democrats and candidates for office pressuring corporations to discourage open or conceal carry options in stores, they are threatening to undermine commerce mom and pop gun stores legally engage in.

Former Texas Congressman and current Democrat presidential candidate Robert “Beto” Francis O’Rourke is placing a target on their backs ahead of tonight’s debate in Houston, Texas. Ghoulish.

This is dangerous turf, dear Resurgent readers. And all part of their confiscation scheme. Beto’s efforts demonstrate an unserious approach to tackling gun violence by going after law-abiding citizens and small businesses who aren’t complicit in mass shootings.

Plus, as Loesch adds: