If you’ve read Twitchy for any length of time at all, you might have noticed that we don’t hold back on using the word “guys” in headlines, and that’s after being scolded by both Vox and The Atlantic. Vox decided way back in 2015 that it’s time to stop saying “you guys,” and it was only last year that The Atlantic published a piece on how problematic it is to say, “Hey, guys!”

Feel free to revisit either of those pieces if you want to learn why you guys should retool your vocabulary and include more gender-neutral language in your day-to-day interactions. And then you guys are welcome to watch this video from NowThis News which NowThis producer Foluké Tuakli put together. It’s 4:37 long — full disclosure: we made it until the 0:37 mark.

Hey guys, remember that even the Women’s March got into trouble for the ubiquity of pink in its members pussy hats, and the fact that there were pussy hats at all — a transgender woman of color might as well not exist. The lesson in short: you will never, ever, ever please everybody.

Oh, it will if any of several Democratic candidates wins next year.

Rock on.

As we said, we’ve done at least three posts on it so far, likely having missed the hot takes from Slate and Salon and Teen Vogue.