If you’re a hardcore Twitchy fan — and of course you are — you might have noticed that we use the word “guys” quite a bit in headlines, and we’ll admit we used it even more than usual after reading Vox’s hot take in 2015 that it was finally time for everyone to stop using the word “guys.”

“If you get a jump on changing now,” the argument went, “you can avoid being like your grandfather who is still saying ‘negro’ because he doesn’t mean anything by it and that’s what they used to say in his day and he doesn’t see the point of evolving.”

It’s now three years later, and apparently Vox’s campaign to retire the word “guys” didn’t take, because now The Atlantic has published its own piece on the problem with “guys.”

Joe Pinsker writes:

There are, of course, plenty of people—including many women—who have no problem being addressed as “guys,” think the word has evolved to be entirely gender-neutral, and don’t see a reason to change their usage. But others aren’t so sure. “I think there’s a really serious and welcome reconception of gender lines and relationships between sex and gender going on,” says John McWhorter, who teaches linguistics at Columbia University and has written several books about language. He says “something has crested in particular over about the past 10 years”—something that has people examining their everyday communications.

In my reporting I heard from several people who said that the word is particularly troubling for trans and gender-nonconforming people. “As a transgender woman, I consciously began trying to stop using guys some years ago,” says Brad Ward, a college counselor at a high school in Atherton, California. She added, “When I’m included with a group that is called guys, there’s some pain, since it takes me back to my male days in a way that I’d rather not go.”

Obviously, no one wants to cause anyone pain, but come on: it never occurred to even the most radical of feminists who attended the Women’s March that their “pussy hats” were offensive to trans women because they equated being a woman with having a vagina. So forgive us if we’re a little behind on keeping track of what’s offensive in 2018.

Sorry, guys … um, folks.

Yes, a former sociology professor made a card you can print out and leave with anyone who refers to your group as “guys.”

Oh yeah … we apologize for using the word “vagina” earlier in this post rather than the more gender-inclusive “front hole.”

What hasn’t been infected by patriarchy, right?