We were going to just post a quick update to our earlier post about Kamala Harris laughing and saying, “Well said, well said,” after a man at a campaign event described President Trump’s actions as “mentally retarded.” Update: Harris apologizes. However, the story’s longer than that — apparently she hadn’t even heard him when she said, “Well said!”

“Noting her disabilities plan.” The one for retards?

But then why didn’t she say something to the man whose words were offensive and hurtful? Guess she just missed that part.

That, or she just doesn’t actually listen to people at her town hall events when they ask questions.

Remember that the media had no problem calling out President Trump and all of his supporters as white supremacists after a few started that “Send her back!” chant about Rep. Ilhan Omar. Trump claimed he didn’t hear it at first, but reporters doubted that story and CNN’s detectives even sat silent for the time that Trump had allowed the chant to go on (13 seconds by their analysis).

Or, the media could just assume Harris is telling the truth and didn’t hear it, or just explain away that it was a guy whom we don’t even know is a supporter. (If this were Trump, though, CNN would have doxxed the guy by now and rolled a camera van into his driveway.)

* * *

So Harris has finally tweeted about the incident. Raise your hand if you believe this for a second: