Remember when Barack Obama got a slap on the wrist for making a joke about the Special Olympics? That was all on him, and to be fair, this was Kamala Harris responding to a questioner at one of her campaign events. But laughing and saying “well said, well said” doesn’t put much distance between you and the citizen who describes President Trump’s actions as “mentally retarded.”

Now the poster, Kendally Brown, is a disabled healthcare advocate and isn’t necessarily thrilled that a right-wing publication like The Daily Wire ran with her video. She probably wouldn’t want us amplifying it either, but come on — we even avoid embedding tweets using the slur “libtard” because it’s just an ugly word with an ugly origin.

Again, maybe Harris was just caught up in the moment and didn’t want to lecture a possible supporter on his language, but she really ought to say something.

“Conservatives pounce on Kamala Harris after campaign event attendee uses inappropriate term.”

It’s not cool, and we do assume Harris will apologize. If she doesn’t, or doesn’t do a good job at it, this will hurt her.