As Twitchy reported earlier, Sen. Kamala Harris was at a campaign event Friday when a questioner asked her about President Trump’s “mentally retarded” actions, to which she laughed with the crowd and responded, “Well said, well said.”

Approached by a CBS News reporter the following day, as the video was going viral, Harris condemned the language as offensive and hurtful and said that, had she actually heard the man the assembled crowd and the rest of us watching on video all heard loud and clear, she would have corrected him and asked him to not use such hurtful language. Instead, not knowing what he said, she responded, “Well said. Well said.”

Let’s check in on some headlines and with some reporters to see how that story is playing out in the media. Be on the lookout for, “Republicans pounce!”

This was after a staffer showed her the video and she actually saw herself laughing at the comment, mind you.

And he’s Politico’s headline, which The Washington Post’s Dave Weigel calls, “weird.”

We’re telling you, CNN’s Brian Stelter and Oliver Darcy are in the CNN-mobile right now tracking him down so they can interrogate him tomorrow on “Reliable Sources” and squeeze out an apology.

She heard him and laughed and walked it back as she walks back everything — there’s your headline.