Not to be mean, honestly — but reading a lot of anti-NRA activist and Parkland survivor David Hogg’s tweets and knowing that he’s attending Harvard University just doesn’t seem right … guess spearheading the March for Our Lives does a lot to offset one’s tests scores.

Kyle Kashuv, who racked up some seriously impressive test scores, had been accepted to Harvard but had his acceptance rescinded — after the deadline to apply to other schools had passed and after turning down hefty scholarships — when tweets and comments he’d made a couple of years earlier “surfaced” as these things tend to do.

MSNBC contributor David Jolly even commented, “These are the social media postings we see of a shooter.” Seriously? Kashuv said some dumb kid stuff, but nothing nearly that unhinged.

Now Hogg is starting his freshman year at Harvard, but don’t feel too badly for Kashuv, who also became an activist after Parkland, just not the media’s preferred kind. We missed this earlier in the week, but he’ll be working for Dave Rubin of the Rubin Report.

Good for Emma and good for Kashuv.

Yes, but think of the minds Kashuv could reach in an Ivy League classroom full of impressionable snowflakes. We kind of need him to go to college to offset all of the woke gender studies professors.

And congratulations to Dave Rubin on a great hire.


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