You might remember Rep. Joe Kennedy from the Democratic response to President Trump’s State of the Union address — he’s the guy who put on the wrong lip balm and looked liked he was drooling the entire time.

He wasn’t drooling during a recent interview, but he might as well have been: He’s got his eye on a Senate seat and a hunger to do away with all of the established institutions that make America a representative republic.

Brian Fallon, Hillary Clinton’s former press secretary, caught the interview:

“Kennedy endorsed several controversial ideas”? They certainly aren’t controversial if you’re a Democrat … it’s controversial not to want to eliminate the Electoral College. Even Hillary wants that thing gone, though we think with her it might be personal.

We’re still not sure why the Democrats picked Kennedy to deliver the Democratic response to Trump’s State of the Union, but they must think he’s the future of the party — which is good for Republicans.

Vox has been pretty hot to abolish the Senate for a while now.

Hillary was supposed to win, she lost, and the Democrats went nuts. It’s pretty simple really.