As you can imagine, we here at Twitchy follow a lot of people on Twitter, and a lot of the people we follow are women who are proud gun owners. You might think that the gun could be a great equalizer between a petite woman and a large man who’d do her harm, but then you might not have read this hot take the other day from Shailja Patel, who writes for the Guardian and the BBC News, among others.

You see, if you carry a gun to protect against rapists, you’re not reducing rape … unless, of course, the guy tries something and you blow him away with your handgun. Then you’ve stopped a rape and very possibly many more rapes that would have occurred in the future had this dirtbag gotten away with it.

Oh wait, we’re talking nonsense. If you carry a weapon to defend against rape, you’re just pointing a neon sign at some poor woman who’s not armed, duh.

Wait, this goes on a bit.

So is self-defense. We hear shooting rapists is a great way to cut down on rape culture. But sorry, we interrupted.

You know what doesn’t keep a woman scared, ashamed, and scrambling for non-existent safety? Owning a firearm and knowing how to use it.

No, we don’t get it.

Oh, sorry, we’d forgotten that San Francisco is pushing to re-brand “convicted felons” as “justice-involved persons” and do away with negative terms like “offender” and “addict.”

Sign us up!

And mic drop.