It’s happening — we think. As Twitchy reported, actress and Democratic activist Alyssa Milano was emailing Sen. Ted Cruz’s scheduler so the two could meet up next week to talk gun control. Cruz and Milano have been going back and forth on Twitter over gun control following the mass shooting in West Texas on Saturday, and Cruz is standing firm that more gun laws are not the answer:

Look at Chicago? As Twitchy reported, Chicago reported at least 43 people shot — 8 of them fatally — over the long Labor Day weekend, double the body count last year.

Chicago’s mayor, Lori Lightfoot, did not appreciate Cruz using Chicago as an example of strict gun control not working.

Houston’s police chief chimed in as well to call Cruz a shill for the NRA:

So if there were more strict gun control in, say, Ohio or Kentucky, Chicago’s gun violence problem would be solved? Because gun control’s not working where it exists —we’re guessing shooting people in Chicago is illegal — and where 40 percent of recovered guns come from; that’s a lot.

Remember when former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel decided to “challenge” the city to go a whole weekend without a shooting, just a day after 20 people were  shot over 16 hours? It was called “Put the Guns Down” and it didn’t work either — imagine that. Asking criminals not to shoot at people because the mayor asked didn’t do a thing — but more gun control laws will.