As Twitchy reported back in June, three guys in Boston, inspired by Pride Month, applied for a permit to hold a “Straight Pride” parade in the city and wanted to fly the Straight Pride flag (that’s an actual thing) over city hall. They insisted to our sister site PJ Media that they were serious, and the whole event was a way to “to promote our community and its diverse history, culture, and identity.”

Nevertheless, the whole thing sounded like some next-level trolling of Pride Month, and we’d forgotten all about it — until today when marchers actually took to the streets of Boston to represent for straight pride.

The #StraightPrideParade hashtag is mostly being used in tweets calling the marchers Nazis and white supremacists, but a couple of TV stations are providing some straight news — no pun intended — coverage.

In case you were wondering, “Super Happy Fun America” is the official name of the group that applied for the parade permit, so we have a feeling they have a sense of humor about the whole thing.

OK, we’ll admit that that’s not a lot of people and also way more people than we expected. We see a dinosaur, a “Straight Lives Matter” sign, the Israeli flag, a lot of Trump shirts, and a lot of American flags. Here’s a big Trump float:

And here are some protest signs, including one saying, “You lost twice, get over it” and picturing the Confederate flag and a swastika.

So, this doesn’t really seem to be about straight pride at all, or else we’re just missing the floats depicting great moments in straightness.

Here’s a drag queen protesting:

We have not heard any reports of violence, but if we do, we’ll update this post.