If you were with us on Saturday, you saw plenty of coverage of the “End Domestic Terrorism” rally in Portland, Oregon, which was met with violent resistance by members of Antifa, who intimidated journalists and, once the organizers has taken off, turned on the police, particularly the black ones, and told them to commit suicide.

We also one man knocked to the ground unconscious, who was shielded by his partner until he was able to get up and stagger away. There were some amusing moments, too, though, such as watching an Antifa good trying to damage a stolen MAGA cap with little success.

Benny Johnson says Turning Point USA asked some of the Democratic candidates if they’d condemn Antifa, and while some denounced violence, there wasn’t a brave stand against Antifa itself. Kirsten Gillibrand claimed she didn’t even know what Antifa was.

That really could be it. You have to be following independent journalists like Andy Ngo or local reporters to even have a clue.

Speaking of mainstream Democrats, the former deputy chair of the Democratic National Convention, Keith Ellison, proudly posed with a copy of “The Antifa Cookbook,” calling it the book to strike fear into the heart of Donald Trump.