You might remember from the day before a thread by gender-focused writer Joanna Schroeder in which she gave her advice to anyone with white teenage sons to prevent social media from turning them into alt-right white supremacists. “These are often boys from progressive or moderate families,” even. But an early red flag, she claimed, was if your teenage boy joked about someone being “triggered” just because they were being sensitive.

You might also remember that she recommended watching “political comedy” with them and explaining why liberals consider themselves funny.

Her thread was so ripe for parody that Titania McGrath immediately did a parody of it. But speaking of systems of oppression, we somehow missed this reply, which we weren’t sure was a parody or not. We checked out Pierre Crépeaux’s timeline though, and we think he’s serious:

“Evening meals debriefings especially about oppression schemes ….” Um, I just asked if you could pass the salt.