Ordinarily we wouldn’t consider video of Beto O’Rourke changing a tire news, but the image is just the perfect analogy for his presidential campaign; he started out riding high, but somewhere along the way, someone let the air out of his tires, and now he’s trying to build that momentum again.

He’s already re-launched his campaign once, on “The View,” but the debates didn’t do him any favors, so here he is changing a flat and trying to get back on the road to 2020.

The man really does own only one blue shirt, doesn’t he?

Doesn’t he have an intern or staffer to do stuff like this for him? We’d bet Amy Klobuchar with a tire iron in her hand could get some assistance fast.

Well said.

Just like the reporter assigned to cover Elizabeth Warren on the campaign trail “just happened to come across” Warren⁩ buying lemonade from some girls with a sidewalk stand. And the format of the screen makes this look like yet another Periscope broadcast, so we’re guessing he had a staffer live-stream this for his fans.

No toxic masculinity to be found here.

Newsworthy? No. But is it fun to make fun of Beto O’Rourke? Always.