Ah, the primaries … when lumbering socialist dolts like Bill de Blasio finally leave Manhattan and try to act natural at the Iowa County Fair. Of course, de Blasio is drawing crowds in the teens in Iowa, but what about up-and-comers like Kamala Harris, who’s now a solid second-tier contender along with Pete Buttigieg?

Harris visited a nursing home where she was asked the same question she’d been asked and will continue to be asked: Who’s going to pay for her health care plan (which might or might not do away with private insurance  — we’re not sure if she’s flipped or flopped on that this week)?

“We don’t want you to mess with it.” Of course, these were people raised to believe the government was going to take care of them in their old age through Social Security, so they know the government’s track record with the elderly.

We wonder how many of these nursing home residents watched the debates and saw Harris raise her hand with all the rest promising to provide free health care to illegal immigrants?

It really seemed at the beginning of the year that Harris was the media’s “chosen one,” but that didn’t last.

The Russian bots have infiltrated the nursing homes with their misinformation campaigns!