We almost can’t believe how poorly prepared the Joe Biden campaign is. He’s still the front runner, and there was a time when people assumed he, like Hillary, was the chosen one, and all he had to do was announce his candidacy and the nomination was his.

But his campaign has been a disaster — he had to post a video explaining away his creepy groping and hair sniffing — and his performance in the debates has been terrible so far, with the old white man getting kneecapped by Kamala Harris, who shot way up in the polls.

And then there are the gaffes, which seem to keep coming. On Saturday, Biden claimed that he was vice president when the Parkland school shooting happened, and he remembers when “those kids from Parkland” came up to see him.


Let’s see if CNN’s Brian Stelter covers this since he spent about a month questioning Donald Trump’s mental fitness to be president.

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Here’s video: