It’s a bit early, but we’re calling a Trump landslide in 2020 — even Harry Reid admits he’s “pretty damn worried” — and the best part is that Trump won’t even have to produce any new campaign ads. He can just use clips from the Democratic debates, candidates’ Facebook Live videos, cable appearances, and tweets like this one from Tony Schwartz, whom we suppose we should know (from “The Art of the Deal,” maybe) but says he can be seen on “The Beat With Ari” on MSNBC.

Hey, he forgot LGBTQ people. Nevertheless, that tweet is going to change so very, very many Trump votes to … Biden? Seriously? It might get some people up off the couch to vote for Trump just to spite this clown, though.

No, keep it coming.

Bette Midler would have you know they’re all paid to be there to provide … “blackground”?

But everyone in the green room at MSNBC agrees with him.

So the “white supremacist” card is replacing the “baskets of deplorables” this time around, and we all know how well that worked.