As Twitchy has reported, what we know right now is that multiple people were injured and killed in a mass shooting at a shopping center in El Paso Saturday, and one suspect is in custody.

We’ll update that post as more details are confirmed, but for now, the 2020 presidential candidates are all jumping on the story. Let’s see if any one of them says something surprising, like, let’s wait for more facts before commenting:

Careful there, Spartacus; if you were a Republican you’d be slapped around for using the words “thoughts” and “prayers.”

The shout-out to law enforcement was a nice touch coming from a Democrat.

Yes, Seth Moulton is still running, even though he didn’t qualify for the debates:

Wow, Moulton just came right out and said it: “Citizens don’t need guns to protect them from government — they need the government to step up and protect them from guns.”

Beto O’Rourke tweeted in English and Spanish, of course.

Marianne Williamson wasn’t above calling for prayers.

And here’s the president:

That’s all we have so far. CBS News is now reporting that at least 22 people have been hospitalized.

* * *


Here’s Andrew Yang: