As we’ve learned from Brian Stelter, The Onion is a great news parody site — probably the best — and The Babylon Bee is a fake news site that calls itself “satire” (the scare quotes are Stelter’s). He knows this because someone tweeted him asking if a story in The Bee was true, and because one of Stelter’s followers can’t discern satire from real life, it’s a fake news site.

The Bee is fighting back, though, seeing as social media’s official fact-checking site, Snopes, has also decided it’s a fake news site, not a parody site … because too many people get confused — which in our opinion means it’s good satire.

But don’t listen to us … listen to the sad tale of a man whose relationship with his dad was ruined by The Babylon Bee.

It’s an epic thread and we’re not going to post the whole thing — not to do any “deceptive editing” but just to get through it. It was this tweet by Erick Erickson that set him off, though:

In short, Dad posted a meme on Facebook based on quotes pulled from The Babylon Bee, and all his friends believed it.

OK, we see the problem. The guy’s dad is Trump. You know, it’s funny … we’ve never ever seen a parody or fake meme or a late-night skit about Trump. Weird.

Oh, and yes, Raby did get written up in USA Today and The Daily Mail in 2016 over a fake Twitter thread he posted about a trip to McDonald’s.

“The one who was relieved was Eric Larson, owner and operator of McDonald’s restaurants here, who said no employees would be losing their jobs” after the thread went viral.

Absolutely true. Romney also wanted to ban hair weaves and the Dollar Menu at McDonald’s.

* * *


So we all missed the point that conservatives don’t get satire and we’ve all disappointed Raby by missing his point: