There really is little more tedious than watching the modern “news cycle” in which “the narrative” is kept alive as long as possible. It was Saturday morning that President Trump tweeted that Rep. Elijah Cummings should concern himself less with the border and more with Baltimore, parts of which are a rodent- and rat-infested mess.

Now it’s Monday afternoon, and even Democratic presidential candidates are cheering the Rev. Al Sharpton’s emergency trip to the city, but unless he plans to lay traps with anything other than race-bait, he’s not going to get rid of the rat problem.

As Twitchy reported Saturday, CNN’s Victor Blackwell was quick to make the jump that when Trump used the word “infested” in his tweet, it was really a dog-whistle referring to people of color … the city is infested with blacks is what he really meant. Just look how obvious it is:

And now that celebrated civil-rights leader Sharpton has arrived in town and found a microphone, he’s parroting Blackwell’s line that Trump was calling Baltimore infested with blacks.

We hadn’t realized Common Core had infested the schools so early, because no matter how many times we read that tweet, he’s insulting Cummings for not doing more to take care of Baltimore, which is infested with vermin. If pointing out the rat infestation is racist, then the Baltimore Sun, former mayor Caroline Pugh, PBS, and NBC News are all racist as well.

Maybe he meant that New Hampshire was “infested” with white people, and he meant it as a compliment? How far is Sharpton going to run with this hot take, and who’ll be the next to pick it up and run with it?

And when will Democrats just accept that Trump’s right and they’ve got a city to either fix or keep ignoring?